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Want the most kudos on your group ride? Attract sponsorship from top brands? Exposure for your bikepacking trip? Whatever your goals are, we'll help you accomplish them!


Security & Privacy

When you connect your Strava account to our service, we work only on the social aspect of your profile. We care about our clients, and never share your data with third parties. We do not access, view, or modify your account settings and information. Your activities, statistics, and photos remain exactly as you post them. Your use of our service is 100% confidential, always.

This is how you get real followers!

Did you ever notice that when liking or following someone else, they usually return the favor? You probably even checked out their Strava page just because they followed you.

Using natural human curiosity is how many people
get likes and followers, just like on Instagram! But few people have time to like and follow other people all day. This is where automation tools come in.

automate liking, following, and unfollowing for you, at an affordable price with monthly plans, or purchasing in batches at a time.


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Our monthly plans offer the lowest rates per follower. And with 3 tiers of service starting at $4/month, there's a plan for everyone. Each level has increasing value.

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Our clients reach goals faster: sponsorship, viewers, media exposure, and overall engagement!

More Followers = More Kudos

As you gain more Strava fans, you'll notice a ton more likes too!


Your follower count grows gradually over time. But don't be surprised as many clients exceed our stated goals!



Who is Strava Followers made for? Read case reports from our most satisfied clients!

Having lots of followers helped me secure sponsorship from local and national brands!


Julia N.

You guys helped me gain a lot of fans & exposure for my bikepacking trip across Europe this summer, thanks!


Ray S.

I gained 5000 followers in my first year using Strava Followers!


Manuela P.


Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

I just bought my first plan! What do I need to do next?

First things first, fill out and submit the information form provided to you after buying your first plan. We can't get to work until we receive all of that. Next, we need your Strava profile to be set to Public (if it isn't already), to allow anyone else to follow you back. You are here to grow your following right? Having a private profile does not work with our process, so please take that into consideration before you buy a plan. You're welcome to make your profile Private again after your plan has finished, if you so desire.

When do I start to see results?

Our growth strategy is estimated on a monthly basis, coinciding with your payments. We will get to work within 24 hours of receiving all of your information provided after purchasing a plan; don't forget to fill out that form so we can get started! The Starter plan guarantees 100 followers in your first month, it's actually a minimum estimate. You might actually reach 100 followers well before the 30th day after your first payment! You will probably notice at least 10 new followers in the first few days after your payment. The same rate of growth applies to the Standard and Premium plans as well.


How much does "Strava Followers" cost?

We have 3 tiers of pricing, so you can always find a plan that suits your budget and your growth strategy. Starting as low as $4 per month gets you 100 new followers every month! Yearly plans are paid all at once, but will get you 2 free months for a significant discount if you're planning long term sustained growth. Yearly plans range from $39/year for the "Starter" plan, up to $119/year for the "Premium" plan, all of which get you 12 months for the price of 10!

Wow, those plans are pretty cheap! Are there any hidden or extra fees after I've bought my plan?

Nope, nada! All we need is your monthly subscription, then you can rest assured and get back to whatever you were doing before!

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan after purchasing?

Absolutely! If you wish to change your plan at any point, just write us a message via chat or email, and we'll get you switched. When upgrading your plan to a higher tier, let us know if you'd like the new rate to be applied immediately, or at the start of the next billing cycle, and we'll invoice you accordingly. If you're downgrading a plan to a lower tier, unfortunately we can not offer any partial refunds, as our process is at work on a daily basis, so the lower tier price would be charged starting with the next billing cycle.

My Data

What information do I need to provide, and why?

After you've purchased a plan, we do need you to submit the login information of your Strava account. This allows our algorithm to work behind the scenes, growing your following while you sleep... or run, ride, or swim! You can rest assured that your information remains secure and confidential with us, and is never shared with any 3rd parties or advertisers. We do not view, access, or edit anything on your Strava account, we simply need authorization to run our process on your follow/following lists of your profile.

I noticed that my "Following" list has grown as well, why did that happen?

One of the main aspects of growing a following on any social media platform, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Strava, is a technique called follow/unfollow. Simply put, we find profiles that are likely to follow you back using our proven method, in exchange for a follow, like a trade. Your "Following" list will temporarily grow, but it will be reduced back to its original size on a weekly basis. You don't need to spend any time unfollowing any profiles you don't recognize, they're only there temporarily, and we will take care of it! Oh, and don't worry, we wont unfollow any of your actual friends on your list :-)

I noticed a like, or kudos, on someone else's activity that I don't recall giving?

Don't be alarmed, that was us! Giving kudos to other people's activites is part of the social media strategy! This helps us to ensure you receive kudos back, and more importantly, followers back, at the rate we guarantee.

I'm noticing a lot of new profiles in my daily feed on Strava every day, who are they?!

That's right, on your Dashboard page, or main page on mobile app, while you are using our service, you will notice a lot of new profiles posting rides to your feed. It will be constant several days per week on your feed, and its a drawback we can't avoid for the time being. Consider it one of the trade-offs to gaining followers for your own profile. Don't worry though, it is all temporary, and it's likely to only appear 3-4 day per week on your feed, and completely go away in the future whenever you finish your plan with our service.


How and when can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel or pause your plan anytime, easily! Just log in to our website, or the Wix app to cancel your plan. Also, you can write us a message through chat or email with your membership information, and simply ask us to cancel.

Growing a Following

Can I really grow a large following on Strava?

Certainly! You don't have to be a professional athlete, famous, be a celebrity or an influencer, to grow your following. You don't have to be the fastest runner, cyclist, swimmer, hiker, or triathlete either, just go out and do your thing, and always remember to have fun!

An active Strava profile will grow faster than an inactive profile!

There is a lot you can do to help grow your following, with or without our services! First of all, get our there and run, bike, swim, hike, and do it often! Exercising often is not only great for your health, but actively posting to

What can I do to help?

Well, thanks for asking! This is a team effort between you and us, actually. While we take care of the hard work behind the scenes, we also would like you to actively post your activites to Strava. The more the better! We understand not everyone can get out there every day, but be as active as you can, and make sure to record it on Strava, or post it manually afterwards!

I just posted my "Morning Run" to Strava, is that all?

That's just the beginning actually. Did you know that an interesting title alone, will attract more kudos and follows? Please name your activities, don't leave it as the default "Morning Run" or "Afternoon Ride" but rather, write something simple about where you went, how you felt, and most importantly- add a picture! Take a selfie of your determined face beforehand, or your exhausted and satisfying self afterwards, or a photo of something nice you passed along the way. Photos go a LONG way in helping us to help you!

I can't be bothered to add titles and photos to my activity posts, aren't I paying you to grow my following anyway?

You sure are, we just recommed it because it can really accelerate the growth of your following, and even exceed the monthly growth statistics that we guarantee. A lot of people actually have fun with this anyway, if you don't already yourself. Lastly, if you really are too busy to contribute, we can take care of that work ourselves for a small additional charge. See the page titled "Additional Services" under the Pricing page menu.

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