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Frequently Asked Questions

What platform do you use to teach this online course on?

At the moment we are using ZOOM

Is this course only taught online or do you still offer face to face classroom teaching?

This fine art photography course is now designed to be taught online and presents really well. Classroom taught options will only be offered once COVID 19 has run its course and it is safe to offer classroom teaching.

What is the difference between the content of the online course and a face to face classroom presented course?

The course content is identical.

How many students do you accept on a course?

We accept no more than eight students per course. We keep the class size small to promote interaction and enchourage mentorship and relationship.

What camera equipment will I need to do the course?

You can use any camera, but we recommend either a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera or a digital mirrorless camera.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

Ideally, it would be better if you were able to attend the course without missing a lesson. But we do understand that life happens. When a student is missing from a class, the lesson is recorded, so you will be able to catch up before the next module is presented.

Do you issue a certificate on completion?

On request, we would be able to issue a certificate of attendance on completion.

Is the online course taught live, or is it pre-recorded?

Martin Osner teaches the course live.

I am an acomplished artist, will this course be of value to me?

If you are looking for fresh ideas, techniques and starting points, and inspiration then absoloutely.

Besides a camera and a computer, what other equipment will I need?

Firstly you will need a small work area. Then beside a camera, the following equipment is required.

  • Propane torch.
  • Hot plate.
  • A4 size inkjet printer.
  • A4 size laser jet printer (optional).
  • A4 - A3 size light table.
  • 2 x Study lamps.

What software will I require to do the course?

We suggest you subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud and sign up for the basic photographers package which will give you access to: (Approx $12 per month) https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/photography/compare-plans.html?promoid=P3KMQYMW&mv=other 1. Photoshop CC 2. Bridge CC 3. Lightroom CC 4. Adobe Camera Raw CC Exposure software, previously known a Alien Skin is recommended but not essential. https://exposure.software/

What art materials will I need?

You will require;

  • Encaustic medium
  • Ink
  • Alcolhol ink (Optional)
  • Watercolour / Acrylic paint
  • Chalk pastels
  • Watercolour paper
  • Water pencils
  • Spray paint

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